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August  2015
Seminarraum EG (0.77), Am Faßberg 17

Prof. Olga I. Vinogradova
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia and Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Superhydrophobic microfluidics

Superhydrophobic surfaces have opened a completely new field of investigation with both fundamental and practical perspectives. Research on these materials has mostly focused on their extreme non-wettability, which has large-scale implications in the context of self-cleaning and impact processes. However, the implications of superhydrophobicity for transport phenomena, which are especially important at micro- and nanoscales, remain largely unexplored. In my talk, I will discuss a current switch in focus from wetting to related areas such as the remarkable drag-reducing ability of superhydrophobic materials. In particular, I will show that superhydrophobic surfaces induce novel hydrodynamic properties such as giant effective slip, superfluidity, transverse hydrodynamic phenomena, and dramatically affect electrokinetic phenomena. I will also discuss strategies in the fabrications of superhydrophobic materials for relevant applications, including new types mixing and separation in microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices.

Kontakt: Guido Schriever

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