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  17. Front Cover!

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    Elasto-plastic response of reversibly crosslinked biopolymer bundles
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    Rheology near jamming: The influence of lubrication forces
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    Impact of Attractive Interactions on the Rheology of Dense Athermal Particles
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  23. Editors' Suggestion!

  24. C. Heussinger:
    Shear thickening in granular suspensions: Interparticle friction and dynamically correlated clusters
    Phys. Rev. E 88, 050201(R) (2013).
  25. J. Plagge, C. Heussinger:
    Melting a Granular Glass by Cooling
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 078001 (2013).
  26. C. Heussinger:
    Stress relaxation through crosslink unbinding in cytoskeletal networks
    New J. Phys. 14, 095029 (2012).
  27. Invited contribution to the focus edition "Physics for biology at a mesoscopic scale"!

  28. B. Andreotti, J.-L. Barrat, C. Heussinger:
    Shear Flow of Non-Brownian Suspensions Close to Jamming
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 105901 (2012).
  29. Highlighted in the Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics!

  30. R. L. C. Vink, C. Heussinger:
    Cross-linked biopolymer bundles: Cross-link reversibility leads to cooperative binding/unbinding phenomena
    J. Chem. Phys. 136, 035102 (2012).
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    Cooperative crosslink (un)binding in slowly driven bundles of semiflexible filaments
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    Fluctuations and correlations during the shear flow of elastic particles near the jamming transition
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  36. Invited contribution to the themed issue "Granular and jammed materials"!

  37. C. Heussinger, L. Berthier, J.-L. Barrat:
    Superdiffusive, heterogeneous, and collective particle motion near the fluid-solid transition in athermal disordered materials
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    Statics and dynamics of the wormlike bundle model
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    Nonaffine rubber elasticity for stiff polymer networks
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    Statistical Mechanics of Semiflexible Bundles of Wormlike Polymer Chains

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    Mechanics of bundled semiflexible polymer networks
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 088102 (2007).

    Publication award of the Center for Nano-Science (CeNS) Munich!

  45. C. Heussinger and E. Frey:
    Role of architecture in the elastic response of semiflexible polymer and fiber networks
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    Floppy Modes and Nonaffine Deformations in Random Fiber Networks
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    Stiff Polymers, Foams, and Fiber Networks
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