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Turnio is a tactical board-game for two players. You can download it for free. You only need a printer and a pair of scissors. The files are available in Postscript and pdf-format.

It constists of rules, a board, and the chips, everything in Postscript. Additionally a questionnaire is available. You can use it, to tell the author your opinion about the game. This questionnaire is available online as well

You can save time by using the gz-tar-file of the Postscript-files.

If you prefere the pdf-format, you will finde here rules, board and chips.

You have to perform the following steps to prepare the game:

This game is copyright by Alexander K. Hartmann. It is allowed to distribute the complete contents of the files freely, but not parts of it. It is not allowed to change the content of the files. It is not allowed to use the game or ideas of the game commercially.
You will find the boardcame Turm und Wächter by Christoph Endres & Robert Wirth also available on the internet.
This game is presented by:
Alexander K. Hartmann
Institut für theoretische Physik
Universität Göttingen
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37073 Göttingen, Germany
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