Daniela Cadamuro

Research Assistant at the University of Göttingen

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My area of expertise is in relativistic quantum field theory (QFT), namely the theory which describes the physics of elementary particles. This broad and topical area often combines ideas from various other mathematical disciplines such as Analysis, Algebra and Differential Geometry; and vice versa, these disciplines have been influenced by developments in QFT. Within the context of my research, I analyze mathematical models of QFT with rigorous methods, in particular with tools from Functional Analysis and Complex Analysis.

I use a novel constructive approach based on techniques in Operator Algebra and Functional Analysis to construct interacting QFTs with bound states in 1+1 dimensional Minkowski space (e.g., the Z(N)-Ising model and the sine-Gordon model). There are very few rigorously constructed interacting models of QFT, so that this aspect of my work is not only a very challenging topic in mathematical physics, but also requires the development of novel techniques in mathematics, in particular, the study of self-adjoint extensions of certain symmetric operators which are not amenable to an application of the standard results in the literature.

Another aspect of my work is the study of lower bounds to the smeared energy density (quantum energy inequalities) in self-interacting models of QFT, which is a topic of interest not only in physics (Cosmology, Astrophysics) since they exclude the existence of exotic spacetime geometries, such as wormholes, warp drives and time machines, but also with respect to the mathematical techniques applied: it requires very detailed estimates on lower bounds of certain integral operators, including integral kernels with singularities, and in that respect requires advanced techniques of Functional Analysis.

More recently, with colleagues at Bristol, I started working in mathematical aspects of Quantum information theory.


I am currently a Research Assistant in Mathematical-Physics at the University of Göttingen, after a stay in England as a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at the University of Bristol.

Daniela Cadamuro
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Teaching portfolio

I have substantial teaching experience in the UK higher education sector, gained in particular during my stay at the University of Bristol as a temporary Lecturer. In particular, I would like to mention:

Lecture course: "Mathematics 1A20 Calculus".

Lecture course: "Introductory Foundation Mathematics" (formerly called "Mathematics 1EM Calculus"), taught in: Lecture course: "Advanced Quantum Theory" (including exercise classes) I also taught a series of lectures, seminars and workshops in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Physics in a foundation year programme for prospective students of Engineering during my short stay (6 months) at Leeds ISC, Leeds Metropolitan University.

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