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Journey: you find our institute like this

You come with the
Göttingen fits directly at the motorway (Autobahn) A7 between Hanover and Kassel. Since a dense traffic is almost always there on this motorway, you should consider the jam forecasting of the ADAC before a drive.

Description: (map24 link)
Leave the A7 at exit Göttingen Nord (not Göttingen!). Follow this short motorway (Autobahn) to a big crossing. Keep straight on the An der Lutter street, and then turn right to the Robert Koch Straße. Look at the city map.

This journey is an appearance stress freer than that with the car. You find a train connection to Göttingen on the Website of the DB of the DB.

After you have left the railway station through the eastern exit, you are in front of the gates of the city.

Look at the city map.

You find further information about Göttingen onto the web sites of Göttingen.

City map


Institutes of the Faculty

Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1

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