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Biophysical models for collective phenomena in membranes: bridging the gap between atomistic structure and biological function

M. Fuhrmans, Y. Smirnova

collaboration with M. Schick (University Washington, Seattle, USA)

SPP1369: Polymer-solid contacts: Interfaces and Interphases

Structure of Homopolymer and Random Block Copolymer Melts at Solid Substrates

D.W. Sun

SFB 602: Komplexe Strukturen in Kondensierter Materie

B6: Viskoelastisches Verhalten von isotropen und flüssigkristallinen Gelen

V. Chappa

in collaboration with A. Zippelius (ITP, Göttingen)

SFB 803: Functionality controlled by organisation in and between membranes

B3: The role of membrane proteins on pore formation and membrane fusion: Computer simulation of coarse-grained models

G. Marelli

Marie Curie Initial Training Network

Multiscale complex fluid flows and interfacial phenomena (MULTIFLOW)

coordinated by Uwe Thiele

N. Tretyakov, M. Mülayim, A. Galuschko

SFB 937:Collective behavior of soft and biological matter

A5: Polymer brushes in motion

with J. Enderlein and P. Vana

A7: Lateral membrane organization in response to external forces

with J. Enderlein and T. Salditt

M. Hömberg

Kinetics of directed assembly in diblock copolymer films in electric fields

with Yoav Tsori

DFG-NSF Materials World Network

Switchable polymer interfaces for bottom-up stimulation of mamalian cells

in collaboration with S. Minko (Clarkson University, USA), I. Luzinov (Clemson University, USA), A. Revzin (UC Davis), M. Stamm P. Uhlmann, K.J. Eichhorn (IPF Dresden), K. Hinrich, N. Esser (Berlin)

Niedersächsisch-israelisches Gemeinschaftsvorhaben

Physical phenomena related to the adsorption of Self-Assembled-Monolayers on the surface of liquid metals

with B. Prokoy (Technion, Israel)

selection of past projects

SPP1164: Micro- und Nanofluidics

Molecular transport and flow on polymer brushes and deformable surfaces: Computer simulation of model systems

F. Leonforte

in collaboration with A. Münch, B. Wagner (WIAS, Berlin) and C. Pastorino (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

DFG-NSF Materials World Network

Design of Responsive Materials based on Functional Polymer Brushes for Smart Tuning and Sensoring of Protein and Nanoparticle Adsorption

in collaboration with S. Minko (Clarkson University, USA), I. Luzinov (Clemson University, USA), M. Stamm (IPF Dresden), K. Hinrich, N. Esser (Berlin)


Integrated Microfluidic Bench Technologies for Active Control of Unconventional Fluid Functionalised Material Interface of Complex Geometry Microchannels

collaboration with D. Palmieri, S.Succi, J. de Coninck, R. Lindken, A. Milchev, J. Yeomans and others


Experimental and Theoretical Design of Stimuli-Responsive Polymeric Materials

collaboration with A. Cavallo, J. Baschnagel (Charles Sadron, Strasbourg, France)

projects/collaborations without explicit funding

Directed self-assembly of diblock copolymer materials on chemically patterned substrates

K. Ch. Daoulas

collaboration with M.P. Stoykovich, E.W. Edwards, F. Detchverry, J.J. de Pablo, P.F. Nealey (Madison, WI, USA)

fundamental aspects of polymer theory: excluded volume and topological constraints

collaboration with J.P. Wittmer, A. Johner, J. Baschnagel (Charles Sadron, Strasbourg, France) W. Paul, K. Binder (Mainz) G.D. Smith, D. Bedrov (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

Role of quenched grafting point fluctuations on the morphology and domain memory in binary polymer brushes

collaboration with S. Santer, R. Rühe (IMTEK, Freiburg)

Interplay between phase separation, confinement and wetting

collaboration with K. Binder (Mainz), A. Milchev (Sofia), D.P. Landau (Athens, GO, USA), E.V. Albano (LaPlata, Argentina)