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Welcome to Marcus Müller's research group*

Using computer simulation and numerical self-consistent field theory we study the statistical physics of soft matter
with special focus on polymer physics, interfacial and wetting phenomena, and biologically motivated problems.

We are offering Bachelor and Master projects in the following research areas:
Poster zur Bachelor-Börse Polymerphysik Poster Lucia1 Niklas1 Gregor1 Lucia2 Russel1


transition state of membrane fusion
Under which conditions is the fusion of two lipid vesicles leaky?
kinetics of copolymers on patterned substrates
To what extent can patterned substrates direct and perfect the assembly of diblock copolymer materials?
DFG priority program: nano- and microfluidics
How does gravity move a drop over a corrugated surface?
with K. Katsov (UCSB) and M. Schick (U. Washington) with K.Ch. Daoulas (Göttingen), M.P. Stoykovich, E.W. Edwards, J.J. dePablo and P.F. Nealey (Madison) with J. Servantie (Göttingen)
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polymer conformations and log-range correlations
Obey polymer conformations in a melt Gaussian statistics?
bubble nucleation in compressible
polymer-solvent mixtures
How to optimize insulation materials?
self-assembly in binary polymer brushes
How to create a surface that can reversibly switch from hydrophilic to hydrophobic?
A. Cavallo, K. Binder (Mainz) J.P. Wittmer, A. Johner, J. Baschnagel (Strasbourg) and S. Obukhov (Florida) with B.M. Mognetti, P. Virnau, L. Yelash, W. Paul, K. Binder (Mainz), and L. Gonzalez MacDowell (Complutense, Madrid) with S. Minko (Clarkson), M. Stamm (IPF, Dresden),
and L. Wenning (Mainz)
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* Lichtenberg professorship established by the Volkswagen Foundation